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Programmer Positions Available

Started by Jerry, 2006-03-27T11:29:59-06:00 (Monday)

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My boss asked me to put out some feelers for two positions that are open here at Bitrode where I currently work.  

Here are the positions

1. Software Programmer:

Skills: Windows environment, MFC Applications, Database applications (Currently we use Access, but we are looking at SQL), GUI programming,
C++ but we may be looking at .Net in the future.  

This job will entail writing windows programs that work with our cyclers to collect and organize data, interact with the end user, and access a database to store and/or retrieve data.

2. Firmware Programmer:

Skills: Strong assembly skills, C, Digital Electronics, Analog electronics (Simple Op-Amp circuits, good circuit analysis skills, power supplies, etc.), Strong control theory.  

This job will entail working with an application that controls a switching power supply(70-250KW).  This application is run on a TI DSP and is written in assembly.  The job will also entail working on a second application that controls the entire cycler and communicates with a host PC.  This application is run on a ColdFire microcontroller and is written in C.

If you know of any recent graduates, or students that will graduate in the near future that could fill these requirements please pass this information to them.  Have them contact either me or and send in a resume and any faculty recommendations to

   Mike Kuznetsov
   Bitrode Corporation
   1642 Manufactures Drive
   Fenton, MO 63026


J. Cris Wade
Firmware Engineer
Bitrode Corporation
Tel: (636)343-6112 ext. 151

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