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Started by Bryan, 2006-04-14T16:05:48-05:00 (Friday)

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So I was coming to the CAOS site as I do a few times a day to check out the RSS feeds and I came across this gem.

So who do we believe?

Bryan Grubaugh
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Matthew Thomas


To poorly quote a post on a forum I read somewhere:

"Microsoft has somewhere near 96% marketshare, while Apple has near 4% marketshare.

With these kind of numbers, Microsoft can only (desperately) hope to keep what they have; but this is all growth potential for Apple"

or something to that effect.

My take on it:


I chose an Apple computer for my personal use because I wanted the level of integration that only Apple can provide across the apps, and at the os level
For someone who has spent just about their entire academic career using the designer in Visual Studio, writing similar apps in X Code is more difficult than it needs to be.

As much fun as we like to make fun of Balmer, he's right. Its all about developers developers developers developers.

I believe there will be a slow transition to 10-15%, but its going to be hard to get past that until X Code's interface builder and code completion are as easy to use as Visual Studio.
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