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SQL Server 2005 Express

Started by Brad Nunnally, 2006-04-18T00:08:01-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Brad Nunnally

Ok as my final event as your Microsoft Student Ambassador I am proposing an small little talk and demo on how to create a database in SQL Server 2005 Express and creating a form to display the information from the database, WITH NO CODE!!!! Depending on my personal time I might be able to give an example on how to do some stuff with code. What do you all think?
Brad Ty Nunnally
Business & Usabilty Consultant at Perficent
Former CAOS Hooligan


I`d attend...depending on when it is.


I personally think that things like databases and forms should never be left to "no code", but that's just me.
Bryan Grubaugh
Quickly aging alumni with too much time on his hands
Business Systems Analyst, Scripps Networks.


MSDNAA is giving away SQL Server 2005 along with SQL Server management studio.
You could use the GUI to demo DMLs on databases.