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Xfire Messenger

Started by Bryan, 2006-04-20T07:49:58-05:00 (Thursday)

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Hello everyone. I recently downloaded a messenger called Xfire from the internet about two weeks ago. It's a pretty sweet messenger and it can be used in many games in case you cannot speak to your friends any other way. The only problem is I don't have many friends. It is disappointing to me to look at my only friend's friends and look at how many friends I have. If anyone has Xfire or is interested in downloading it and wants to add me, please let me know. In case someone does care enough, e-mail me at bgarcia@siue.edu and I'll respond to you on what my srceen name is and all the other details. Thank you  :-) .
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Brian Glass

I use it ... heavily ... I'll send you an email.  Expect an email from glassman324@gmail.com.