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Tonight's Xbox Rally

Started by Jerry, 2006-04-28T08:32:58-05:00 (Friday)

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I have two Xbox controllers in my office that I'm willing to lend out for the night if someone is willing to be responsible for getting them back to me by Monday.

Also, I'm willing to pay for a Crave Case if someone is willing to go get it. I would get it but I'm a bachelor this weekend and have to go take care of my dog before I come to Xbox night.

Let me know.

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Xbox rally? :-?

Is this open to non-CAOS members? If so, what are the details?

Edit: I just noticed the flyer picture and figured it out. Thanks.
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Jerry at the Xbox rally too bad i have to be back home.
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Shaun Martin

Shaun Martin
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(to all our meetings)

if you have a login on CAOS, we consider you a memeber but if you come to meetings, you are an active member.

come along and bring friends.

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Would it be worth bringing my box,monitor, a switch, and a couple 50 foot CAT5's to have a little privacy?
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umm, are you talking about a computer or an xbox?
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yeah, you could bring your stuff if you want. i think we'll have three but nothing is guaranteed so, up to you

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I was talking about an x(box) and computer (monitor), just thought I would see if there was a point in bringing my own gear.

Edit: I'll just bring my hardware in case, no screen.
-- Bruce


I’ll be at the X-box thing so I might be able to provide some extra equipment (Ethernet cables, projectors).  I’m am not sure if SIUE would approve but I happen to be very close (about 0.000 inches) to one of the Computer Science Dept.’s tech workers so we can borrow some of their stuff. ;-)

I don't have an x-box or controller, however.


Sounds great, I'm bringing a system, halo 2, and 4 controllers.
-- Bruce