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How do I use the new classes.cs.siue.edu Dropbox?

Started by EvilAndrew, 2006-06-02T11:26:20-05:00 (Friday)

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This new http://classes.cs.siue.edu dropbox is way too complicated.  Why did we switch and how do I submit an assignment?

R. Andrew Lamonica

Why did we switch from CSD?
EvilAndrew, you’re always raining on my parade.  Moodle (the system that is replacing CSD) is a great product.  It offers many more features and a higher level of stability than our old custom-built system.  However, we originally intended to switch next semester so there have been some glitches.

The reason we switched this semester is because Academic Computing moved to a new campus authentication system (that uses e-ID’s instead of AC accounts) and it made our old CSD database uniformly inaccurate.  By using Moodle immediately, instead of next semester, we were able to avoid making two switches in two semesters.

How do I upload an Assignment to classes.cs.siue.edu?
Prem Madasu and I have created a little tutorial to answer this question.  The Tutorial is available online.