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VB.Net Programming Jobs Available

Started by Jerry, 2006-05-09T09:45:55-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Four separate employers looking for VB.NET [3] and Oracle11i [1]:
1.One of my clients is looking for a good VB developer. The location: Pacific, MO. It’s a great position with lot’s of good technology. Even if they are still doing mostly Visual Basic 6.0 this might be a fit. We have a mix of old VB 6.0 stuff and a lot of .NET, but all new development is in Visual Studio 2005.
2.One of my clients is looking for at least three VB.NET developers: 2 junior and 1 senior developer.
3.One of my clients is looking for three VB.NET developers who are good.
4.One of my clients is looking for Oracle 11i database admins, the total number is not specified.
If you have any interest, please send the resumes to me.

Frededick Eccher Jr

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