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Interesting Robots

Started by Jerry, 2002-09-30T16:38:35-05:00 (Monday)

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Check this out, an organic-like robot that will help keep your fish entertained.

Organic Robot to Entertain Your Fish
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Ryan Lintker

Maybe they should call it a simulated organic robotic entity (SORE).  It doesn't sound too organic unless my definition of organic is out of date.

If Baywatch was still in production, they could have a good story line using larger versions of these attacking swimmers just off the shore.  Now that would be quality television.

I'll be waiting for the organic robotic children that you can keep in a glass tank in your home without being arrested for abuse.  That could be entertaining.  Now that I think about it, why use children?  I guess that AI movie is influencing me.  Watching a few of them interact in a glass box would be better than watching the Osbornes.
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