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Java Programmer with TDK Technologies

Started by Bernard Waxman, 2006-05-11T10:29:50-05:00 (Thursday)

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Bernard Waxman

TDK Technologies has an opportunity with Nestle Purina as a Java Developer. The manager is looking for someone that has graduated in the top of their class, has good communication and has been exposed to Java in their coursework.  This graduate would be hired as an employee of TDK Technologies and be on assignment at Nestle Purina.  This is a great opportunity.  The manager plans to develop this person and teach them great skills with the intent of hiring them as a Nestle Purina employee at some point in the future.  So, this a long term opportunity with significant learning and growth elements.
Contact: Mary Schmadeke, Recruiter, TDK Technologies, LLC

314-878-1005 (T)
314-878-1025 (F)

email: mary.schmadeke@tdktech.com