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I want to run a CAOS event and I need your help.

Started by R. Andrew Lamonica, 2006-08-01T11:00:53-05:00 (Tuesday)

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well, i was told from the woman that was going to interview me (for M$ SA), they were overhauling the program.  instead of prizes (x-box 360s, ...), they are going to give salaries.  because of the overhaul, they wanted a smaller school list to try it out.  she said to look for siue being added again sometime soon.

...having been told this the DAY BEFORE THE INTERVIEW...i was a bit annoyed.

Retired President of CAOS


as far as the meeting is concerned, i definitely am supportive.

we should have an officer's meeting towards the beginning of the first week of class and get this CAOS kickoff/walkthrough event organized and scheduled for late in the first week or early in the second week (mon/tues).
how does this sound?

  officers and andrew, we will try and schedule the
  officers meeting via email. ill send one out today.
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I'd like to help with #1, if you can teach me everything involved in setting up a laptop. If it's just getting e-Id and installing MSDNAA software, I can probably do it.