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CAOS Member Unite!!!(Need your help :P )

Started by Brad Nunnally, 2006-08-31T15:02:01-05:00 (Thursday)

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Brad Nunnally

Ok so for those of you who have a mild interest in HCI should know that coming up on November 14th the world is celebrating this great profession with the 2nd Annual World Usability Day.

SIUE has a chance to have a booth there, but they need to be able to show something off. As plans get finalized I will be able to update any of you that are interested with times and location.

So here is where I need your help, Dr. J has said that he can give his class a mini-project to do to present at this gathering. What do you think that SIUE could bring to the table in regards to HCI and Usability that students could do within a couple of weeks and present it to the professional's of St. Louis?

Let me know your thoughts, this would be another great chance to get our school on the map and in the minds of those people that can give us a job once we get that little piece of paper at the end of our purgatory that is college  :lol: .
Brad Ty Nunnally
Business & Usabilty Consultant at Perficent
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Shaun Martin

Don't tell Dr. White.  He'll make us design some gigantic interface.  :cry:
Shaun Martin
SIUE Alumni
Associate IT Analyst, AT&T Services, Inc. St. Louis, MO.


ill bring my_mac. that'll be enough

we also will probably need booth babes
Retired President of CAOS


We will definately need the ladies.  And I think we'll take Shaun and lock him in a room with Dr. White and I'm sure they could come up with a nifty interface.  

And don't get me wrong I'm as much a mac fan as the next guy. But we wanna impress these people not baby them.  :-P
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the only ppl getting babied by a mac are the ones that dont know how to use them to their full potential.

a mac is a beautiful thing

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William Grim

Yes, macs are beautiful :)  I'm a proud owner of a Macbook, and if it's babying me, so be it.  A fully capable multimedia, Unix-like OS is quite fine by me.  Plus, there is always Parallels Desktop for all that other stuff.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley