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Visual Studio 2005 Installfest on Wednesday

Started by JR, 2006-08-25T10:00:04-05:00 (Friday)

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For the first CAOS event of this semester we will be holding an installfest to help students make use of the Computer Science Department’s MSDNAA Subscription. This subscription allows any student who is enrolled in a CS class to download and install Visual Studio 2005.  However, because of the relative difficulty of the install process, many students require assistance.  Since the Computer Science Staff does not have time to help every student, CAOS is stepping in.

Event Details
Where: EB1036
When: Wednesday August 30th from 10:00am to 1:30pm
Who Will Be There: Knowledgeable CAOS Members and Andrew Lamonica of the CS Department

What you will need before you arrive
1. You must be enrolled in a CS course, but you do not need to be a CS major.

2. An e-ID that will allow you to login to this site (http://software.cs.siue.edu/msdnaa).  If your e-ID does not work then try changing your password.

3. A computer.  Feel free to bring your computer.  If you bring a regular PC, then we will provide the mouse, keyboard, and monitor.  If you are bringing a laptop, however, please bring an Ethernet cable.  The wireless is not as fast.  If you don't want to bring a computer, we can still answer your questions.
Retired President of CAOS

R. Andrew Lamonica

For those who are wondering what Visual Studio 2005 is.

Visual Studio 2005 is the software that the Intro. CS courses (CS 140,150,240,...) use to write C++ programs. However, it is also used for more all the .NET languages and website development among other things.

R. Andrew Lamonica

I’ve had about 10 people stop by to say that they need help with this install, so hopefully some or all of them will be at the event.  I also suspect that for every person that asks for help there are probably two that are suffering in silence, so tell your friends about this event. ;-)

R. Andrew Lamonica

The installfest went great thanks to the volunteers.  We should do this once a semester. ;-)