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Linux Distributions

Started by Ross Mead, 2006-09-05T14:25:37-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Ross Mead

I figured that this may spark some great user response/debate:

I'm looking to try Linux on my laptop/desktop for the time.  Of course, having little-to-no experience with the operating system, I don't even know where to start.  What distributions do you recommend for a beginner and why?  Also, what distribution(s) would you recommend to someone as they slowly become more experienced with the operating system?

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I am somewhat a beginner.  I've done a few projects that are somewhat involved but not too much.  I have used both Fedora and Ubuntu.  Both of these are a little easier to use for beginners (mainly the install).  Ubuntu is a little more user friendly and has a huge support community, but tends to drift away from your classic personna of a Linux Distro.  

If you want to go a little more all out and want to install from command prompt etc.  Use slackware or Gentoo.  Both are a little tougher too use, but if you get it going you'll have learned much more in the process.  I plan on giving one of these two a shot here shortly.

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William Grim

I'd say Ubuntu.  It comes from a tried-and-true Debian heritage but has a more open policy when it comes to package selection.  So, in general, it has more desktop-friendly software, and the Ubuntu team has added some of their own touches to make using the system a little easier.  They also have a large user-base like raptor said.
William Grim
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