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2006 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest - Team Members Needed!

Started by Dr. Stephen Blythe, 2006-09-08T11:18:01-05:00 (Friday)

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Dr. Stephen Blythe

I plan on holding 2 practice sessions next week (9/25-9/29). If you
intend on going to this year's ACM programming contest, it would behoove
you to come to one of these practices. Both practice sessions will be
identical, so it won't help you to come to both (although you may do so
if you wish to).

Practice session I : Wednesday, September 27, 3-5PM in EB 2029.
Practice Session II: Friday, September 29, 3-5PM in EB 2029.

We'll basically be going over the contest format, what you're allowed to
bring (and not bring), what will be available at the contest, and a few
sample problems.  Be sure to bring your schedule for the next 6 weeks
with you, as I would like to break us into teams and set up a weekly
practice time for each team.

Subsequent weeks will bring more practice problems for the *teams* to
work on. (It doesn't do much good to work individually, as this is a
*team* contest.)

If you can't make one of these times and you still want to be in the
contest, let me know as soon as possible!

  -Dr. Blythe

R. Andrew Lamonica

5 Points to anyone who can figure out what the text in the background of this picture means.

Ross Mead

LOL!!! :lol:

I did The Triangle Game and Falling Leaves (among many others) as practice problems for the ACM Programming Contest a few years ago. :-D

Vedy, vedy sneaky Andrew-son... vedy, vedy sneaky... :-P