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Server help

Started by rockabee88, 2006-09-11T15:09:04-05:00 (Monday)

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I have two servers that my job gave me but I dont know where to start to set them up or even how to use them.
Is there anyone who can tell me or show me what to do?


Depends on what you want to do... You could make them file servers, web server, dns server, game server.  It all depends on what you feel like doing or what kind of load the servers can hold.  If you have experience with linux you could load them with a distro such as FreeBSD or Debian, or if you want something easy to use you could try Microsoft's Windows 2000 Server.

William Grim

For the record, FreeBSD is not a Linux distro.
William Grim
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Or "if you want something easy" and expensive you could try Windows Server 2003. ;-)


windows servers...

you pay more you get more....

security holes that is
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Alright then, we will just say you can install any *nix operating system on there.  I suggested windows 2000 because of priceing.  If you are lucky they could possibly have COA's on the sides of tower already.  This all depends on the age of the machine or what it ran before.