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Terminator 3 for Real

Started by Jerry, 2002-10-05T10:42:50-05:00 (Saturday)

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Could this be the first step toward inventing T3?

From ABC News: "Super Goop"

QuoteA fluid that can transform from a liquid to a solid within milliseconds could soon be running through the "veins" of robots to give them a soft, human-like touch.

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Ryan Lintker

Corn oil and iron filings.....


Sounds like an organic robot to me.  I'll be fighing this terminator with some soapy dishwater.  The Dawn will cut the grease and the water will turn him into a red pile of iron oxide.

It is pretty darn cool that they can do these crazy things, but do we really want washing machines that don't walk around or make noise?  How are you going to know when the cycle is done?
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