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Outlook and Webmail

Started by pikapp886, 2006-09-20T14:57:52-05:00 (Wednesday)

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I'm trying to set up outlook with my webmail so I can check messages when I'm offline and keep a better schedule.  Anyway, when outlook tries to negotiate the server, there is no response (for both encrypted and unencrypted tries).  Does anyone know anything about doing this?  Thanks.

R. Andrew Lamonica

This may be because you are trying to connect with the address webmail.siue.edu from your outlook program.  This is not correct.  You need to use pop.siue.edu if you want a POP connection or imap.siue.edu if you want a IMAP connection.  SIUE does have an SMTP (outbound mail) server called smtp.siue.edu but it can only be used on-campus so you may need to use a diffrent one from off campus.  

At this time, I believe that the only easy encrypted way to view your e-mail is with a web browser.  However, that may change in the future.

Those addresses again:
IMAP: imap.siue.edu
POP: pop.siue.edu
SMTP: smtp.siue.edu