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Would You Like a PyGame Tutorial?

Started by William Grim, 2006-09-26T01:20:27-05:00 (Tuesday)

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William Grim

PyGame is a game design framework created to make games that use graphics and sound much easier to complete.  Python is the language used to interface with the underlying graphics and sound libraries.

So, who would like to have a tutorial about PyGame?  This would probably be a two part series introducing both Python and PyGame.

Answer the poll found on the main CAOS site, please.

PS: I implemented some tutorial code I found that shows a ball bouncing around the screen.  It's nothing special, but it does give a feel for what PyGame is intended to do.  You'll need both Python and PyGame installed to use it.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley

Ross Mead

I think it's a great idea; I'd go to the tutorial, but probably wouldn't be able to do any sort of contest or competition that you'd be offering due to personal time constraints.  Go for Mikey! :-D


Mike, I think you sould do two diffrent events.  
1) Intro. to the Python language and common API's (like the file or windowing API).

2) Do a PyGames talk.  

This way people who already know Python can skip the first one and people who are not interested in game development but would like to see some python can skip the second one.  People who are interested in the games stuff but don't know python yet can go to both.

This also solves the time limit problem. (I don't care how easy Python is you cannot do it justice in half of a lecture).

William Grim

Oh, right, I meant earlier by "two part series" that it would take place on two separate occasions for those that may already know Python and due to time constraints.  I'd honestly not like each session to last more than 45 - 60 minutes; though, I'll stay extra time if people have questions.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley


I would definately be up for it. I've used python a little and know the basics, however I learn better when I have someone who already understands something to teach me rather than simply reading docs.