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Career Fair Oct. 4th.

Started by Jerry, 2006-10-03T08:30:35-05:00 (Tuesday)

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150 Employers will be attending the October Career Fair tomorrow, Oct. 4 in the VC Gym.  

This is the largest career fair we have had since 2001.  
Please encourage your students to attend the fair and talk with the employers about the many Co-op opportunities, internships and full time career positions available to them.  

For the complete list of employers attending, please visit our web site at http://www.siue.edu/careerdevelopmentcenter/

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It's noon on Wednesday, and I was hoping to attend the Career Fair. However, I forgot to get dressed up this morning, so my question is, can I go dressed as I am? I'm wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt. I look decent but by no means business casual. Do you still think it is a good idea for me to hand out my resume?


Matthew Thomas


If they will let you in, go. If anything to get your name out there and get the experience talking to potential employers. Most people will be wearing a suit and tie, and those at the booth will probably pay more attention to those that are dressed nicer than you. However, the people you hand your resume to will most likely be the people you interview with.

So if you go "super casual" be prepared to take some heat for it, but by making a joke of it, you can lay the groundwork for the next time you talk with the same people.

You will make an impression, and they will remember you as the guy who forgot his dress clothes that day. So go if you can, you may not get any calls from it, but at least you planted the seed for the next time you might talk with them.

hope this helps!
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