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Monsanto Co-ops available

Started by Jerry, 2006-10-09T11:08:57-05:00 (Monday)

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Monsanto has some co-op position they are trying to fill.

The Career Development Center has asked me to direct students to the Jobline where they can submit their resumes.

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This is a very good opportunity for anyone looking to get their foot in the door with IT related work.

If you join the program as an application developer you will get to see what it is like to develop software at the enterprise level.

Some of the tools/languages you will gain experience with:
C# (Visual Studio 2005)
nunit (C# testing framework)
nant (.NET build tool)

Java using IntelliJ IDEA (Java IDE)
junit (Java testing framework)
ant (Java build tool)


Some of the methologies you will learn more about/put to use:
Agile development
Test-Driven Development (entirely new way to think about developing software)
Advanced Object-Oriented programmming
Design Patterns

These are just some of the things that I can think of off the top of my head that you may be exposed to if you participate in the Monsanto co-op program.
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