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DC++ hubs

Started by Matthew Aussieker, 2006-10-23T00:58:19-05:00 (Monday)

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Matthew Aussieker

Well, my friend at a different university showed to me and explained to me what DC++ is.  It's basically a filesharing program that uses the direct network connection to download files from other users on the campus network.  It's really a cool program and I'm trying to use it at SIUE.    http://www.dcpp.net/ is the website if you want to learn about it.  My question is does SIUE have a hub that users can get on and share media?  I have not been able to find one if there it exists.

Shaun Martin

I highly doubt that SIUE would allow filesharing like that to occur on campus.  Oh wait, they don't block Limewire so I'm sure you can find something.  Grats SIUE on enforcing policies.
Shaun Martin
SIUE Alumni
Associate IT Analyst, AT&T Services, Inc. St. Louis, MO.