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Gateway CHI Meeting Monday Oct. 30th

Started by Brad Nunnally, 2006-10-26T15:18:43-05:00 (Thursday)

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Brad Nunnally

Gateway CHI  Meeting
Monday, October 30
Perficient Office ( Perficient Location)
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Coming  270 South: Take the Olive Blvd. Exit and take a left onto Olive Blvd. Take a  Right at Lions Choice and Drury Inn onto Emerson Road.

Coming 270 North:  Take the Olive Blvd. Exit and take a right onto Olive Blvd. Take a Right at  Lions Choice and Drury Inn onto Emerson Road

Park in parking garage and  someone should be downstairs to let you into the building.

Featured  Presentation
- Evaluation of a Biofeedback Video Game, Dr. Richard Hall and John Warmbrodt, Univ.  Missouri Rolla

Dr. Hall and John will be describe research aimed at   examining the effectiveness of video games as biofeedback techniques for   training users to control autonomic nervous system activity. The  presentation will also include a general discussion of affective computing,   and the role of emotion in design.
And  Also....
- World Usability Update
- STLUX Update
- more

Free beverages and snacks!!!

Note: First meeting is free for everyone, but please remember that  if you wish to attend all the meetings this year to bring money for your dues.  $20.00 ($10.00 for student) or $100 for a corporate membership.

Hope to  see you there and tell your friends.
Brad Ty Nunnally
Business & Usabilty Consultant at Perficent
Former CAOS Hooligan

Jonathan Birch

This actually sounds really cool. I wish I could go.