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Help needed for SIUE/HS Robotics Competition

Started by Jerry, 2006-11-29T16:06:41-06:00 (Wednesday)

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We need 5 people to help run the SIUE/HS Robotics Competition this Tuesday (Dec. 5th) from 8:30am to 11:30am

Here is the deal: for each person who helps out for the entire time I will donate $20 to CAOS.

Must let us know by Monday. Respond to Ross Mead or me.

"Make a Little Bird House in Your Soul" - TMBG...


I have one volunteer - anyone else want to help and raise some funds for CAOS at the same time?

"Make a Little Bird House in Your Soul" - TMBG...

Ross Mead

I have one more volunteer, but we still need more.  If you are available, please, please, please get in contact with either myself or Jerry; we need all of the help we can get.  Thanks! :-)