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How to I get help or report problems with CS Dept. resources?

Started by EvilAndrew, 2006-12-10T23:46:52-06:00 (Sunday)

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What do I do if I find a computer in a CS Dept. Computer Lab that is not working?  What if I need access to some CS Dept. resource?  Who do I contact, if I find a mistake in the CS website?  

There should really be some kind of e-mail address or phone number for these kinds of problems.

R. Andrew Lamonica

Once again, you have asked a question that I was just thinking about answering on the CAOS site. How do you do that?  It is almost like you can read my mind.

Recently, I have resigned my position as CS Dept. Instructional Support Specialist to go work in San Jose CA.  Fortunately, this move was planned many months ago and the Dept. has had some time to prepare for it.  One thing we did, two years ago, was to setup a permanent e-mail address that forwards e-mail to whoever is currently working in a support capacity for the CS Department.  

The CS support e-mail address starts with â€ËÅ"cs-support’ and ends with SIUE’s normal e-mail domain.  I will not repeat the full address here for fear of spam-bots, but I will tell you that the full address can be found by clicking on the â€Ã...“Email the Webmasterâ€Ã, link on http://www.cs.siue.edu

There is also a phone number that should allow you to reach help during the day.  That number is 650-2398.

- Andrew Lamonica

R. Andrew Lamonica

Here are a few guidelines for e-mailing cs-support.

Please e-mail about any broken CS resources that you notice.  We cannot be everywhere and often things are not repaired because no one reported a problem.  If you have 2 Min. to send a brief e-mail, please report any of the following problems that you encounter.
- Bad or no network connectivity on CS lab computers
- Broken/jammed/or empty CS Lab printers
- Problems with any CS website (ending in cs.siue.edu)
- Hardware or software problems on CS lab computers
- Inappropriate behavior by someone in a CS lab
- Questions about the MSDNAA program

CS Support cannot provide help in all circumstances. Here are a few inappropriate request topics.
- No programming questions please. We have tutors to help you with those.
- If you need special resources for a CS class, please have your instructor make the request on your behalf.  
- We cannot help with classroom or academic computing computers.  
- We cannot reset your SIUE e-id password.
- We cannot help you with problems on your home computers or laptops.  

I’m sure that the current support staff may have some items to add to this list, so be sure to read the rest of this thread. ;-)


What?!! Andrew, what do you mean you resigned? What am I going to do without you? I was just trying to beat your time in that dynamic programming problem. What will I do in my free time now?   :cry:

On a serious note, congratulations!!! San Jose, wow. Good for you. When are you leaving? Who is replacing you?

John Paul

Quotelamonica wrote:
Recently, I have resigned my position as CS Dept. Instructional Support Specialist to go work in San Jose CA.  
- Andrew Lamonica
Congratulations and wish you all the BEST! Nice that you did not resign from CAOS.

~John Paul


Quotejohnpaul wrote:

 Nice that you did not resign from CAOS.

~John Paul

Once you're a part of CAOS, you're always in CAOS. :-)

P.S. Look for a news story soon about our new Sys Admin.

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