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Running VS 6.0 executable on a different computer

Started by maxinetyl, 2006-12-18T22:51:07-06:00 (Monday)

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Hi, I have compiled and created an executable on a computer with Visual Studio 6.0. The program works well on that computer. I tried running the executable (copy and paste) on a different computer with Visual Studio 2005. A message popped out that said that one of the .dll files were missing, I think, either MSVCRT.dll or MSVCIRT.dll.

How do you solve this problem? More importantly, how can you run a program that works on VS 6.0 on a computer that has VS 2005? I need to run the executable compiled with VS 6.0.

I tried opening the .dsp and .dsw files that were compiled with VS 6.0 and rebuilding them using VS 2005 on the other computer, but there were many errors, such as missing files etc.

Thank you.


Sorry, the message that comes up when I try to run the executable on the VS 2005 computer is "This application has failed to start because MSVCIRTD.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem".

Peter Motyka

You likely need to produce a statically linked executable that will contain both your code and the dependent DLLs.  The executable will be substantially larger; however, it should resolve the issue of missing libraries on foreign hosts.  

Here is an article that describes how to get this working in Visual Studio 6.  It doesn't look trivial...  The author of the article suggests that the static linking feature is available on more advanced versions of Visual Studio 6.  You might want to tool around with your project properties a bit and see if you can find a checkbox before trying what the article suggests.

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