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Researchers demonstrate direct brain control of humanoid robot

Started by Jerry, 2006-12-20T06:25:43-06:00 (Wednesday)

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This is pretty cool, and an incredibly simple technique. Hmmm, maybe we can make it an assignment in the robotics class :-)

Check out the video on the link below. I like the skull cap - bowling shoe colors!  I think I'll get one.

Rajesh Rao, associate professor of computer science and engineering, and his students have demonstrated that an individual can "order" a robot to move to specific locations and pick up specific objects merely by generating the proper brain waves that reflect the individual's instructions. The results were presented last week at the Current Trends in Brain-Computer Interfacing meeting in Whistler, B.C.

Full article at:
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When is the usb version coming out for the personal pc?  :-P
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