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Nintendo DS Lite Development

Started by Kit, 2006-12-26T21:02:03-06:00 (Tuesday)

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I was wondering if anybody else knew anything about development for the NDS. I just got mine for Christmas and was hoping to be able to mess around with it and perhaps make my own games/apps.

Ideally, I'm hoping for something relatively cheap and easy to use. Something like the DS-X (http://www.ds-x.com/) perhaps (although not $125).

Any ideas?
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Since no one else replied... I'll give all of you a little taste of what I've been up to. I eventually decided on an adapter with the most compatibility for development.

The hardware required is a Slot1 and Slot2 device. Another reason I chose this is because it does not void your warranty by using this (no need for flashing or altering your hardware).

The hardware required.

A little game I started to create in my free time: DSAquarium. It uses sprites and when you tap on the fish with the stylus it makes them blink their eyes.  :-D

I'll hopefully be able to have enough free time to work on it (although with senior project it's not looking good).

Thoughts anyone?
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Ross Mead


I'd love to see how you did that... :-)


Basically, I use a Nintendo DS library in C++ and just transfer the file to my MicroSD card. Then I can boot up my DS using the hardware I got and then run my game. It's really very interesting and rewarding to see something you coded running on the DS.  :-D
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anybody play tetris ds? if so we need to post friend codes up in this hizzy

Steve Bory

Awesome.  I've been looking to do this same thing, but never have been able to scrape up the extra cash.

A couple questions:
1) Have you had any problems with the battery draining faster using slot 1 & 2?  I've heard it cuts battery life in half.

2) Can you bring it to class so I can play with it? :)


1. I've had no problems with decreased battery life.
2. I always have my DS with me.

P.S. I think it's totally worth it.
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