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me systems...

Started by Guest, 2002-10-10T03:37:34-05:00 (Thursday)

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800Mhz 133 FSB 128MB ram (soon to be 384MB) PIII 815 chipset
GeForce2 Ti 64MB DDR
1x4GB with Win2k
1x18GB with Mandrake 8.2 soon to be 9.0

Dual 400Mhz 440BX chipset with 256MB 100Mhz FSB
16GB HD with RedHat 7.1 (soon to be Mandrake 9.0...I got tired of waiting for the free update thing to let me in since their servers are cramped with 8.0 being out).

I use Linux 99% of the time.

Michael Kennedy

Hmm...  I assume you mean N440BX when talking about you're dual 400 P2 server.  If I'm correct then we need to talk.  :)  I have a server of that nature sitting here- my problem is that I can't get the SCSI drives to work properly.  I'll snap some pics of my sever and send you the URL of the pics- let me know if they're the same.  If so, I'll see if there's something you can help me with- I've been stumped on it for a while.

"If it ain't busted, don't fix it" is a very sound principal and remains so despite the fact that I have slavishly ignored it all my life. --Douglas Adams, "Salmon of Doubt"


I didn't mean to post it to the top level of this message board. I screwed up...

>>I assume you mean N440BX when talking about you're dual 400 P2 server.

It's a SuperMicro P6DBE



They call it a 440BX I've never heard of a N440BX. It doesn't have a SCSI bus just IDE...it's kinda cheep.


Fred Jones

P4 1.5ghz 256MB PC2100 DDR Ram
2-30GB Maxtor  HD
1-dvd (creative)
1-Crative Audigy
1-Creative CDRW
1- ati 8500
MSI mobo

the kids have
amd k62-400
with voodoos 16mb
and western digital 6.4GB HD



This is more of a pity post..heh..if anyone has anything better they'll let me buy for cheap lemme know...you guys have prolly thrown better stuff than this away *puppy dog eyes*

Pentium II w/MMX 266MHz
Sound Blaster 16-ISA card
S3 Trio 32/64 2MB video card
Smart and Friendly 4x CD-RW
Generic 40x cd-rom
12GB Western Digital HD

running win2kpro at 800X600/32bit color (high as it'll go) *more sad eyes*

and yes..this is my main system