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wireless routers in the residence halls

Started by PatelA, 2007-02-03T16:09:53-06:00 (Saturday)

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So, there's a rumor going around that wireless routers are not allowed in the residence halls... Any idea what's that about?  Apparently it's been the "green team" or oit guys that have been telling residents that they could not have wireless routers.  Last i knew it was perfectly fine, as long as it was secured.  After all you don't want your neighbors downloading mp3s on your wireless router, and have RIAA mail you a letter.


Actually, it's better to have your wireless router left insecure with as many people allowed access as you can.

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Shaun Martin

I've always had a wireless router hooked up to my room ever since living in the residence halls.  Besides, if you check for wireless connections from your room, you will pick up at least 3 - 4 I bet, however, they will hopefully be secured.  From what I've seen, if you are using a router, it isolates your computer/computers from the rest of the SIUE network but you still get the benefits of their ISP (which isn't anything to talk about).  You are still behind the SIUE firewall or whatever security there is but you can't communicate amongst all of the people directly connected to SIUE's network.  For example, you can't host a local LAN game with other people unless you disconnect from your router and plug straight into the wall etc.
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Dustin Sanders

I work for the tech center, its not that they are allowed, its just don't try to call anyone if its not working.  Its kind of a we don't care if you have them, but don't come cry'n to us if its not working.  *shrug*
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interesting.. because usually the tech people are telling residents that the routers arent allowed.  realistically a router is a pretty simple and effective way to protect your computer.