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Senior Project

Started by Dallas, 2007-02-19T12:58:12-06:00 (Monday)

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Does anyone know who to contact to find out information about using a fulltime job as a senior project class requirement (424,499)? I have been at this school going on 3 years and I first found out that this may be possible alternative from another student. Has anyone else ever heard any information about this alternative before? I know it is way too late for me to do this alternative and I know there is better way to ask this question but I figure this may be the best way to get the word out about a possible alternative for a CS student. It would have been a great option for me.


No, we have never had anyone use their full time jobs to count as a senior project.

However, we have had a couple of students who have their employers sponsor a senior project group to do a project that is some aspect of the work they are doing or will be doing after they graduate.

The most recent example:
"Make a Little Bird House in Your Soul" - TMBG...


Thanks for the quick response. I must have been misinformed. At least, I farmed 2 posts out of the misinformation.