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Weekly CAOS Shenanigans & Monkeyshines [THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 2ND, 1:00 in the EB Atrium]

Started by Kit, 2007-02-21T21:01:19-06:00 (Wednesday)

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I'm totally down.  :-P

I might have something to do in the very early afternoon, but after that I'm game.

Let's make a new thread for this Friday?
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well, that would be a good idea.  Hopefully more people are interested than just the two of us?


Technically, according to the Fair UseDoctrine, as long as you're not charging for admission, or using it to gather people for a money making activity, it's perfectly fine.
basically, if what you said was true, renting a movie with friends would be illegal...

Sorry for the necromancy.

My school's Computer club hosts video nights, game nights, and other various things all the time for events. We did an activity last week called Get Your Officespace on.. the IT dept donated some old broke machines, and we used them for fundraising. Bought a baseball bat, and we were good to go!

One Bat + 10 computers + 5 printers + a video camera = Fun For All! We also have a huge LAN party each semester. Usually get about 150 students, and raise about $400 for the club :) Free admission though, as always :D
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