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Emerson Process Management: On-campus interviews 2/22

Started by Jerry, 2007-02-12T13:20:54-06:00 (Monday)

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On-Campus Interviews

Emerson Process Management
Thurs., 02/22

Full-time & Co-op Positions
Computer Engineering, CIS, Computer Science, Electrical
GPA Requirement 2.5
Citizenhisp: US, Perm. Resident, F-1

Students must have completed the entire registration process with the CDC to be eligible for these interviews. There is always a deadline for signing up for any OCI schedule - usually 3 days prior.

Students may contact the Career Development Center at 618-650-3708 if they have any questions about these schedules, the deadline for signing up, and the on-campus interview process. They may also email me at lschuma@siue.edu. Thank you for your assistance. I appreciate it.
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