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GIS Specialist position: SBC Global

Started by Jeff Croxell, 2007-03-13T16:40:30-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Jeff Croxell

GIS Specialist

St. Clair County ETSB (9-1-1)

Belleville, IL

Duties and Responsibilities:

Maintain GIS datasets used for Enhanced 9-1-1 mapping including road centerlines, address points, municipal and political township boundaries, fire response boundaries, fire hydrants, railroads, and emergency service zones
Create new GIS datasets as needed
Compile print-quality maps
Collect and process GPS field data
Implement QC procedures to ensure GIS data quality (using tools such as PLTS) and maintain consistency between GIS data and 9-1-1 related databases (using both manual and automated techniques such as topological relationships within feature datasets)
Maintain GIS datasets for wireless coverage areas and cell tower locations and assist with routing recommendations for new sites
Process annexation ordinances and other boundary changes and recommend related tabular database updates for the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG)
Coordinate routine GIS data update packets for various software packages, data subscribers, and other users both inside and outside of the organization
Update the St. Clair County ETSB website as needed
Provide technical support to St. Clair County’s GIS Coordinator for maintaining mission-critical feature datasets and feature classes in the County’s enterprise geodatabase
Coordinate reconciling and posting database events
Provide technical support to St. Clair County’s GIS Coordinator for maintaining the County’s internet mapping service for public and private access clients
Provide programmatic support to St. Clair County’s GIS Coordinator for managing the County’s enterprise GIS and the requirements of the ETSB 9-1-1 CAD system
Provide programming support to St. Clair County’s GIS Coordinator for creating spatial views, running queries, and creating scripts in Microsoft SQL Server
Coordinate needs and requirements of St. Clair County GIS and ETSB 9-1-1 users with St. Clair County’s GIS Coordinator
Other projects as assigned

Desired Skills and Experience

Previous experience with GIS data development and editing, preferably related to address and road centerline data and editing in a multi-user environment
Beneficial experience would include database administration in a multi-user/editing environment
Understanding of projections, GIS data structures, and file formats and ability to convert, integrate, and utilize data from a variety of sources
Must have general computer skills and good troubleshooting and problem solving skills
Required software knowledge:  ESRI ArcGIS (ArcEditor, Data Versioning, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Server), MapInfo, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
Beneficial software knowledge:  Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Basic knowledge of HTML coding preferred

Contact: Kathy Monken @ kmonken911_at_sbcglobal_dot_net
Jeff Croxell
CS Support