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SIUE Vista download only 32-bit?

Started by Ike, 2007-03-15T23:15:40-05:00 (Thursday)

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i installed the version i could download through siue and the vista control panel said i was running the 32-bit version.  is this the only one that they offer for free or did i download the wrong one?  

i just figured that they would have the 64-bit version...

Jeff Croxell

Vista Business 32-bit version is the only one available through our MSDNAA subscription.  You shouldn't have any less performance with the 32-bit version, unless you have over 4Gigs of ram.  Since most programs are still written for 32-bit OS's you could get worse performance on those in a 64-bit OS.  On top of that Vista 64-bit will not even run 16-bit code, which some programs still use for installation.  Hope this helps/makes you feel better about 32-bit.

Jeff Croxell
CS Support


You shouldnt notice any huge difference until you run into problems trying to run software that is 64 bit only.  And there isnt much of that anyway.

For what your doing, witch is running VS 2005 or something like that for school, youll be just fine.  

To be honest though, I would have stuck with XP.....


I'm pretty sure they added vista 64 bit to MSDNAA here recently.