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Banner: User Experience?

Started by Jerry, 2007-03-26T14:11:02-05:00 (Monday)

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Now that Banner has been open for self-registration I'd like to hear what your user-experience has been with Banner.

Is it easy to find classes?

Is it easy to make a schedule?

Is it easy to register for classes?

Let's hear from you - what do you think of Banner?
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Shaun Martin

It is easy to find classes.  It is relatively easy to come up with a schedule.  The main problem I had was with pre-req errors.  For example, I couldn't register for CS 340 because I hadn't taken Math 130.  However, the course description of Math 130 says that science / engineering majors may not take this course for credit.  You aren't allowed to add duplicate courses based on the course names so I've been told that people attempting to enlist in multiple CS 490 classes are having trouble.  I would say that it is a mediocre interface.  Nothing to brag about.
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finding the classes and making the schedule are fairly easy. Registering is a little confusing, because there is no confirmation immediately after registering. You have to goto the Active Registration to see if you are actually registered for the class(es) or the Registration History.

Also it would be nice if it was "Logout" instead of "Exit" and it actually said that you have logged out of the system.

Everything else I have looked at is ok.