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Webpage design class?

Started by bandyguy, 2007-03-23T15:44:46-05:00 (Friday)

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Does anybody know if SIUE has a webpage design class? I'm interested in web design and thinging of takeing a class in it next semester. Also, does anybody know of a place that will host sites for free?


SIUE has webspace set aside for you already.

To upload:
1. Download an FTP client like SmartFTP
2. For address use: cougar.isg.siue.edu
3. Username is your E-ID.
4. Password is your typical password you use for everything (like webmail).

Then you drag and drop your HTML files into your HTML folder.

(picture for reference)

I'm not sure how SIUE's website design classes are since I have never taken them.

HOWEVER, I find that there is a lot more useful information online. I'd say start to get comfortable with CSS and HTML. Knowing this is very important in my opinion.

A site with all the CSS properties:

I suggest making a "sandbox" folder where you can play around with coding in HTML/CSS. To start you off, you could use something like this:

Campus Activities Board

Hello World!

Hello world examples are always useful!

Then, just google CSS and you'll get tons of sites with examples that you can rip/hack apart.  :-D
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Devon Berry

Remember that you can also save any webpage to your hard drive and just open the .html and other files with a text editor or most programming software to see and edit the code. Then you can just open it up from your hard drive to see how it looks with your edits. (Note: There are some webpages that use external resources that cannot be accessed to be saved to your hard drive, but you will always get the code that accesses that info. Most work fine though.)

I also used http://www.w3schools.com a lot for tutorials, but as amphoterous said, there are tons of resources at your disposal, since all the resources you find are webpages in the first place!  :lol:


Thanks a lot both of you. I have actually already been teaching myself basic html from w3schools.com, but I certainly didn't know that SIUE had space reserved for that kind of stuff. Thanks to both of ya.


I got my files and everything uploaded, but I can't figure out what the URL will be. It is probably right in front of me, but I can't figure it out. :help:


Your URL will be:

For example, mine is (I don't have anything up :lol:):

Like Drake3 said, it is a LOT easier to develop your pages just on your desktop, and then upload all of them when you are finished.

Let us know if you need more help. :-D
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Thanks a lot guys, I got it up and running for the most part, still a little bit of work left to do on it though. Your help was great.:-D


Glad to help!  :-D

When you're finished, let me know, because I am interested to see how things turned out.
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Brian Glass

Anyone know the support server side languages for the web-pages (ie asp, php, etc.)?

Justin Camerer

I believe there is a web design class in the Mass Comm. program, but I can't see the CS department ever offering anything web related.

My advice for anyone just getting into web development is to focus on XHTML and CSS. I suggest www.alistapart.com and the tutorials on http://css.maxdesign.com.au/index.htm.

When it comes to XHTML/CSS, I feel that I know it very well, and am definitely willing to help anyone interested.

You can catch me on AIM at iamjwc if you ever need help.
Justin Camerer
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