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Installing vs2005 on Vista Business

Started by msiadak, 2007-03-26T18:40:49-05:00 (Monday)

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I have the vs2005 iso's stored on my desktop on my storage drive.  I installed vs 2005 fine on said desktop, when it was running vista Ultimate.  Now I am trying to install it on my laptop, which is running vista business.  I have right clicked the setup.exe file, and set it to 1.) run as administrator, and 2.) run in compatibility for xp sp2.

It still tells me, every time, that I need to be running xp sp 2  :-?  :-?  :-? .  Anyone have this problem?  Any ideas?  I'm down to formatting and trying to reinstall vista.  :-o

Gregory Bartholomew

I think there is a rather large service pack out for VS 2005 which, among other things, is supposed to make VS 2005 work with Vista.


Unfortunately, from what I experienced, I have to have vs2005 installed to install the service pack for it.  :-(


Now I have it to the point where it will start to install, but it errors every time on Microsoft Document Explorer 2005.

Scott Magouirk

I have VS05 on my Vista Business partition, and I had to get that update for VS. It worked for me, installed the first time and haven't had a problem.


When I tried to install VS2005 on Vista Business, windows update had already downloaded an update to the .Net framework, which kept me from installing it.  I had to reformat and install vs2005 before I did any automatic updates. Hope it works for you!!!