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Internships at Clearent

Started by Jerry, 2007-03-27T13:34:47-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Clearent is building a secure, scaleable, and highly reliable transaction processor for the credit card industry.  The existing providers are unable to innovate because they are constrained by outdated technologies.  Our offering, built from the ground up with new technology, will dramatically change the way the payments game is played in terms of features, performance, responsiveness, and ease of use.

Clearent was founded by industry experts who collectively boast over 200 years of experience in payment processing.  Their deep knowledge, understanding, and strategic relationships are complemented by an Agile software development methodology that enables the rapid creation of a high quality commercial system. We are nearing completion of Phase 1 of development and preparing to enter the market at the end of March.

As we begin the planning and execution of the next phase of development, we have identified a role for university students who possess software development skills and are looking to acquire professional experience.  Do you want to be close to the action, to have a hand in the creation of a successful payment processing startup, to exercise your design and programming skills?  Let’s talk.

Development Intern
Clearent is looking to add one or more interns to the team who can help expand our web application for payment processing.  The ideal candidate will have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills matched with the practical ability to realize that vision in working, tested code. We are looking for a creative, self-motivated, team-oriented person who will thrive in an environment that uses Agile software development practices: test-driven development, pair programming, short iteration cycles, close customer interaction and code refactoring.  We expect that person to learn quickly, demonstrate creativity and innovation, and deliver a work product on time and with the highest quality.

The responsibilities of the position include:
â€Ã,¢   Participation in iteration planning meetings where task estimation, work breakdown and assignment of responsibilities are interactively developed.
â€Ã,¢   Creation of unit tests, coding, tracing and debugging, often while paired with another developer.
â€Ã,¢   Documentation of high-level design and functionality.
â€Ã,¢   Creation of automated acceptance tests that verify functionality of stories that have been implemented.
â€Ã,¢   Coordinating the completion of all tasks that fulfill a particular story.
â€Ã,¢   Daily (via brief stand-up meetings) and end-of-iteration progress reporting.
â€Ã,¢   Working interactively, including providing help to customers and other developers as needed.
â€Ã,¢   A combination of instruction and experience in Object Oriented development.
â€Ã,¢   Experience with a unit testing framework such as NUnit.
â€Ã,¢   Experience in the use of Microsoft Visual Studio.
â€Ã,¢   Knowledge of relational database systems.
â€Ã,¢   Facility with, or openness to, a test-driven development paradigm.
â€Ã,¢   Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
â€Ã,¢   Hands-on experience with C# and .NET (desirable).
â€Ã,¢   Hands-on experience with SQL Server (desirable).
â€Ã,¢   Experience with an Agile development methodology (desirable).

The position is located in Clayton, MO.

To apply submit a resume to jobs@clearent.com
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