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Co-op Positions at United States Steel Granite City Works

Started by Jerry, 2007-03-28T14:35:00-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Five co-ops postions available in the I.T. department at Granite City Works, United States Steel:

3 - Process Control: Web development skills on a Windows server
1 - Systems: PL/SQL, Unix, or Oracle database skills
1 - Infrastructure: Desktop PC support

Interviewing and testing will be on April 13th at 8:00 AM in the computer lab in Founders Hall room 0303
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Kaitlyn Schmidt

What should interested applicants bring with them?  How should they prepare? Do applicants need to register with the Career Center?  Thanks!
Kaitlyn Schmidt
Senior, Computer Science
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Here's more information:

You will need to register with the Career Development Center. Contact Leticia at ext 3708.

The agenda with U.S. Steel on Friday, April 13 is as follows:

8:00 â€ââ,¬Å" 10:00 a.m.           Pre-testing in Founders 0303

10:30 â€ââ,¬Å" 12:00 noon        Interviews (for those who pass; they get immediate feedback since the test is on-line)

"Make a Little Bird House in Your Soul" - TMBG...