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Halo 2 Tourney

Started by Kaitlyn Schmidt, 2007-04-23T11:29:51-05:00 (Monday)

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Kaitlyn Schmidt

Hello everyone!

The Halo 2 Tourney is on!

When: April 27th, 6:00pm - 12:00am
Where: Goshen Lounge in the MUC
Cost:  We ask for a $3.00 entry fee
Prize: Half the pot :-D (So the more people you bring to beat the more money you win!)

Other Details: There will be four projectors in the center of the Goshen, meaning up to 16 people will be playing at a time.  

We welcome everyone to bring their own controller, as we may not have enough :sweat:.  We will try to have enough but bring your controller as a back up.

The tourney will be double elimination, so you are guaranteed to play 2 rounds.  

We encourage everyone to bring their PSPs, NDSs, and other gaming systems.  We can't provide TVs for the console systems so we leave that up to you to bring.  These other systems should provide some good clean smack down kinda fun for all of you who lose quick. ;-)

Let me know if you have any questions.
Now on a side note:
We do need 4 XBOXs, 4 Halo 2 disks, and a few controllers.
Anyone who donates for the evening plays for free! :-D
PM me your contact info to confirm your equipment donation.  
Thanks again!
Kaitlyn Schmidt
Senior, Computer Science
Former President of CAOS

Matthew Aussieker

Ok a few questions.  I'm assuming the games will be free for all since the entry fee is per person.  Is everyone just gonna be in one big 16 player game with everyone for themselves?? I think two 8 player games would be much better.

If it is ffa, how many points will we play to? 25, 30 or even 50??  I believe its 30 on xbox live.

Also, how are the maps going to be decided?  Here are some maps that I propose for 8 player ffa games:
Ascension, Beaver Creek, Ivory Tower, Lockout, Midship, Sanctuary, Turf, Warlock.
All these maps are used in the Slayer playlist on Xbox live.  

How is the whole tournament going to be scored as well?  Is some kind of bracket system going to be set up?  Or maybe a point system would work better with free for all games.  1st could get 8 points, 2nd could get 7 points and so on.  Then after all 8 maps have been played the top 4 players with the most points from each game would play the top 4 players that won on the other screens. This would put the tournament at a  16 player limit though.

I think this all needs to be set in stone before the tournament because there is some money involved.  I played in a guitar hero 2 tournament a while back and the whole thing was not run very well.  The rules were not written anywhere and there were some disagreements during the tournament.  A few people ended up living the tournament with sour feelings.  I hope this tournament can be run right and we can all a good time.  After the tourny is over we can all still just stay and play team slayer games for fun until  they make us leave  :-D

-Matthew Aussieker

Scott Magouirk

For those of you who don't know, Matt A. is a crazy good Halo 2 player, so I can vouch for these rules and guidelines.


Whats up guys?
Any idea on how many people are comming?

Is this going to be free for all? 16 players sounds like alot =X

Would 8 player be possible?

Kaitlyn Schmidt

We don't know how many people are comming.  However, we hope to have a lot. :-) The tourney will be a "free for all", no teams.  Depending on how many people show up we might be able to mix it up into smaller groups, but as of right now there will be 16 at a time.  Feel free to drop by.  After the tourney is over we will probably just play for fun instead of money. :-D
Kaitlyn Schmidt
Senior, Computer Science
Former President of CAOS


I'm definitely going to try to make it.

I'm mainly looking forward to the free play time though.
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