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Help Has Arrived For Young Programmers.

Started by Justin Camerer, 2007-04-26T19:05:24-05:00 (Thursday)

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Justin Camerer


I found that this program was released today, to try and get youngsters interested in programming. It starts them off using Ruby, and contains a few tutorials and real programs for them to write.

I thought it was pretty cool, and wish I could've had something like this when I first started programming.

What do you all think?
Justin Camerer
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I thought it was bad enough when you where selling crack and heroin to 2nd graders but this is horrible.  Trying to get young children into Ruby?!?!  

That's sick!

I hope they toss you in a cell and throw away the prison.
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Matthew Thomas

OMFG.... I remember my first programming experience in CS140's lab. The assignment was to create a new solution and copy a few lines. (It was  a simple hello world program) Little did I know It was intentionally riddled with errors, and I thought, "How the F am I supposed to learn this when even the sample program wasn't written correctly?"

Ruby wouldn't be my first choice, but Kudos to them for trying to make easy and short introductions to programming.
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I think it's wrong that they are calling it hacking.. when really it's not... at all.. but I guess if that's what they need to do to interest kids these days....
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William Grim

William Grim
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