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I've done it!

Started by axe9, 2007-09-07T17:00:45-05:00 (Friday)

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Don't know if anyone remembers me, I asked a few questions here in the spring about the college as a potential student.

Well, I've officially submitted for a transfer to SIUE
My stated major right now is Computer Science with a minor (Or double major) in Business.

Crossing my fingers for acceptance, and looking forward to working with you all!

CMIS- Spring 08 transfer

Gregory Bartholomew

I think I remember you.  Weren't you the one asking about the possibility of getting a job on campus, working with unix or something.  I think you said you had some experience doing computer technical support.  Anyway, I look forward to meeting you.


That might have been me :)

Actually, one of the reasons I chose SIUE was the proximity to St. Louis, I figured with a big city so near the university, I would have a good chance to career network, and land a good internship, but as a current student, are there a lot of internship opportunities?

Also, should I go with cougar hall, or the residence halls?
Since I'm transferring in as a junior, I can be in cougar hall, but it doesn't seem all that special, and the online description wasn't all that great... What's the story?
CMIS- Spring 08 transfer


Living in Cougar Village would probably be good because you would meet a lot of people.

Off campus is a better deal however.

I'd check out my post here for my advice on jobs:
SIUe Computer Science Graduate


Thank you very much. That's how it seemed, and it's a little bit cheaper then staying in the residence halls, and hopefully it will be a little more quiet.

Anyone know of any martial arts programs at SIUE? I see one student club/organization, I see the grappling class, and the Reality kickboxing classes offered, and I'm fairly interested in those. I've been looking to get into an official school of martial arts, but I'm out in the corn, and there's nothing that isn't a back ally hackjob that's way over priced. I need to get into shape. lol

Thanks again for everyone helping me so much! I can't wait to get my acceptance letter in the mail! :D
CMIS- Spring 08 transfer


I don't know about any other style of martial arts,  but there is tae kwon do on campus.
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