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Part-time job opportunity

Started by Heroic-Adv, 2007-09-08T12:56:10-05:00 (Saturday)

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Hello Caos.  I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Scott Croft and I am looking for a few part-time employees.  I will be opening up a comic book & game store in Edwardsville in mid-October called Heroic Adventures and I will be hiring for 2 part time positions.  The hours will be late afternoons and evenings during the week and various hours over the weekend.  If anyone is interested in more details, please send me a PM with your contact information.  If you have questions about the store, feel free to post them here.  


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Quoteamphoterous wrote:
Where is the store going to be?

It will be down 157 in the mall just past Moto-mart (next to Neruda Restaurant). It's about a 5 minute drive from campus.

Scott is a friend of mine. If you're into playing games, video, board, or D&D this should be a fun way to get a few extra bucks.

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The exact address is 2131 S. Rte 157.  It is at the corner of 157 and Meridian.  Moto Mart is on one corner and the retail center is on the opposite corner.  There is a dentist that is currently in the center.  We are going in right next to the dentist.

Jarod Luebbert

I'm really interested in this job, I have sent you a PM.
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Quinn Buerkett

wow, very interested. pm sent. sounds goooooood


Just a brief update.  I am accepting applications and will be conducting interviews next week.  we are hoping to open in the first week of October.  Please PM me if you need a copy of the application sent to you.


Hey Scott, good luck in the new venture!
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