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Thread for the Programming Contest?

Started by Sensei2006, 2007-09-09T17:07:15-05:00 (Sunday)

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Where is the thread for the programming contest?  I want to sign up really bad!

Thanks in advance!

Jarod Luebbert

I would also like to sign up. I emailed the professor who was at the meeting. I didn't know if thats all you had to do so I figured that I would post something here too.
Jarod Luebbert
Computer Science Major

Dr. Stephen Blythe

More info will be coming soon (i.e. certainly by the end of this week). I have already noted interest from several people (including the two folks who have already posted here).

If you are interested, send me e-mial - just be sure to include your name in the e-mail (a few folks forgot to do this, so I have no idea who you are!)

  -Dr. Blythe