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STLRuby Users Group Meeting - Monday, September 10th, 2007 @ 6:00pm

Started by Justin Camerer, 2007-09-09T17:39:39-05:00 (Sunday)

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Justin Camerer

This monday, I will be attending the STLRuby Users Group meeting. I am posting here to see if anyone else would be interested in attending. I'm sure I will have room in my car if anyone needs a ride (unless you are really creepy). Even if you have never seen Ruby, I would suggest it. Its a great way to dive right in and learn.

The topic of the meeting tomorrow will be on developing an application using BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and TDD (Test Driven Development), and there will also be a presentation on the best from a Ruby conference that was in Chicago recently.

If anyone wants to go, let me know ASAP.

Justin Camerer
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William Grim

Behaviour driven development sounds like something good developers do anyway; I think they're reaching for new buzz words with it.  How can you design an app well without asking what a particular piece or section will be doing?  I thought that was one of the fundamental reasons behind software engineering in general and TDD in particular.  You can't say you've properly written tests unless you're testing all behaviour it can exhibit.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley