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Campus Bandwidth

Started by Matt Osmoe, 2002-10-09T13:08:15-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Chris Swingler

Well, I ran CNet's test again today.  (\\DAVIDRICHEY is on, as it was last night.)  It's about 2:00pm, on Oct 14, 2002.

Result:  122.3Kbits/sec.

Not too shabby, I guess.

I hate to place the blame squarely on the owner of that particualr machine.  It could be a factor of many things.

Anyhow, here's some math.

We have an optic line for internet access to our dorm.  Let's assume that it is 100Mbits, or 100,000Kbits, and we'll call this DBW, or Dorm Bandwidth.

DBW=100,000 Kbits.

According to the current SIUE Cover Story, there are 500 persons in each dorm.  This is probably a good estimate, even though not everyone owns a machine, those that don't go to the computer lab almost daily.  (P is persons.)

P=500 Persons

So, each person's personal bandwidth (we'll call this PBW) should be the Dorm Bandwidth divided by the persons.




What do we get as a result?

PBW=200 Kbits.


Christopher Swingler
CAOS Web Administrator