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Art Request?

Started by axe9, 2007-09-21T23:41:38-05:00 (Friday)

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So, I'm still adminning the site for my computer club at the community college, and they're asking me for a new header image for the site... but what's up there is about as artistic as I get.. and I suck with PS or fireworks...Anyone get bored sometime, wanna have fun putting up a roughly 800x150 image that just says Computer Club Or maybe Kishwaukee College Computer Club or KCCC XD have fun with it... Eh.. all I can offer is free hosting for whatever you want, because our last LAN went in the red, and getting the members to vote on money for anything is annoying... It's Portfolio Worthy! Btw, Website is http://www.tidycms.com"" target="_blank">http://www.tidycms.com" target="_blank">http://www.tidycms.com" target="_blank">http://www.tidycms.com if you wanna look. It's sorta a gaming / military theme :DBtw, if this is incredibly inappropriate, I'm sorry. I've been up since 5 this morning and am feeling toasted, but was working on the website when I saw the email for the new header T_T Thanks in Advance, if anyone wants to do this, you can post here, or email me whatever you do mailto:the.axe@gmail.com">mailto:the.axe@gmail.com">the.axe@gmail.com Thankee Kindly Ladies and Gents!

edit: AG! Why's it inserting HTML and not displaying it right, and then making me delete it! D:
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Because our edition of Xoops is broken.  I'm working on porting the data when I have spare time, which basically equates to weekend days.  Weekend nights usually consist of partying and exploring NYC.

P.S.: I went to a Yankees game tonight.  I'm not really interested in baseball, but I wanted to see a game as a tourist.  It was 14 damn innings only to watch the Yankees lose against the Blue Jays by a single point.  Ridiculous!
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