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Must see lecture from an amazing professor

Started by Peter Motyka, 2007-09-24T23:23:06-05:00 (Monday)

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Ross Mead

Wow... great lecture... if anyone has the time (1 hour and 45 minutes), I highly suggest you sit down and watch...


Wow - I hope I leave with half as much dignity and relevance.

This is worth watching.
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Shaun Martin

Shaun Martin
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William Grim

The man was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal today.  I have yet to see the video, but based on the article in the paper, it was quite humble.  I look forward to seeing it!
William Grim
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Pretty good lecture.  

Has anyone heard of this Alice program of his?  I downloaded and I am about to start messing with it, but it seems like a very good idea.

I thought about trying to come up with a way to teach people any subject really through games and stuff, but that is easier said than done.  

Anyways, just curious who has already messed with it and how they like it.
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I'm about half way through watching his lecture.  Its a long'n
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I was messing with the Alice program, which is a free download.  It is kind of kewl, but it is all pretty much drag and drop.  I don't see how it really teaches you how to code.  

However, he did say the newest version is coming out soon, and that it is much better, so I can't wait to see that.  From what I gather is that they will have a few different things to learn, like Java and other languages.  Might be pretty cool.

I would rather be hated for doing what I believe in, than loved for doing what I don't.