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UIUC Job Fair, Conference, & MechMania

Started by Jesse Cook, 2007-09-28T17:47:44-05:00 (Friday)

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Jesse Cook

UIUC's 2007 Reflections and Projections is fast approaching, and if you haven't registered already, do so now.  It is being held from 12-14 October.  It includes a Job Fair (Friday only), Conference, and AI Programming Contest (MechMania).  Check it http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/conference/2007/mechmania" target="_blank">now!

Myself, Justin Camerer, and Kit Menke have already formed a team.  Myself and several others are going up on Friday.  All the geeks are going, so be there!!

http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/conference/2007/mechmania" target="_blank">linky!

http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/conference/2007/mechmania" target="_blank">LINK!

http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/conference/2007/mechmania" target="_blank">CLICK HERE!!!!

Jesse James Cook
7 Yr Prog, Computer Science
Former VP of CAOS

Ross Mead

Yeah, the drive up there is gonna' be pretty sweet...

It's gonna' be a good (and long) weekend...  :-D

Shaun Martin

ROSS! Are you coming? I'd appreciate it if you came. :-D

rifter2k5: rossy poo
rg520gp: yep...
rifter2k5: are you going to reflections?
rifter2k5: at u of i
rg520gp: yep...:)
rifter2k5: sweet nectar
Shaun Martin
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Registered. Can I ride with you guys, or should I take another vehicle?

Btw, is there anyone else who's interested in getting another team together?


The real question is... who's bringin the TUNES?!
SIUe Computer Science Graduate

Ross Mead

QuoteCan I ride with you guys, or should I take another vehicle?
Heya' Siyao, good to see you on the boards! :-)  As of right now, I know I'm driving 4 other people up there(i.e., packed car).  Check to see who all is going to this thing; I know CrashenX, iamjwc, amphoterous, and martins are (i.e., the people I'm driving), but who else?  If anyone else is goin', follow up with OpenGet for a ride...

QuoteThe real question is... who's bringin the TUNES?!
I gotcha' tunes,... but you may wanna' bring your own;... I listen to some kinda' "out there" stuff... or what jrat likes to call "bad music"... :-P


I need to catch one of you guys sometime for some questions.
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William Grim

Go to this thing.  Whoop ass.  Take names.

Also, make sure to visit the Morgan Stanley booth.  They were asking me who I knew at my university that is good.  Jesse and the Justins, I'm looking at you!

For the rest who may not be looking for full-time work, I hear that Morgan Stanley's paid internships are not far off from full-time pay.  And you'd work in NYC!  How awesome would that be?  Also, the internship is a great way to get your foot in the door with them and leading edge technology, such as real-time, low-latency systems, quantitative analysis systems, or numerous others.

Check it out.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley

Ross Mead

Just some simple, but easily-overlooked, suggestions if you're going to this thing aiming for a job:

1) Bring multiple copies of your resume.
2) Dress nicely.
3) Bring comfortable clothes to put on after the job fair is over.

Yeah, yeah, those seem obvious,... but it's easy to forget...

C-ya'all there! :-)


If no one else is going, I can try getting my Dad's van, which can fit 6 people excluding the driver - it'd be too depressing driving alone http://caos.cs.siue.edu/uploads/smil3dbd4e02c5440.gif" alt="" />

Jonathan Birch

Just adding a "me too" on the recommendations :)

I got my current job (at Microsoft) from an interview at the reflections/projections conference, and it was fun too.

Jesse Cook

QuoteAlso, make sure to visit the Morgan Stanley booth. They were asking me who I knew at my university that is good. Jesse and the Justins, I'm looking at you!

I'll be there!
Jesse James Cook
7 Yr Prog, Computer Science
Former VP of CAOS

Jesse Cook

We need to set a time to meet up Friday morning.  I suggest 0700.  Also, please post your name if you are going to go.  There should be several carpools.  So far I know of the following people:

Justin C.
Justin R.
Sean Martins

I have also spoke to several others but I'm not certain they are going.
Jesse James Cook
7 Yr Prog, Computer Science
Former VP of CAOS


I (Tony Pieri) want to go really bad.  I have to make sure I can get off work, so as soon as I find out for sure I will let you know.
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Ross Mead

I know, for sure, that I am gonna' be driving up there.  I'm gonna' spend quite a bit of time while I'm there with some friends, so I need the freedom to drive around.  I have a Trailblazer that I can take up there, comfortably seating 4 or 5; however, it's a gas-guzzler, so let me know if I can take my Honda instead.

Also, consider finding rooming; my friend there only has enough room for one more (small apartment), so a hotel may be in order for some.

I think "0700" (7am to everyone else... :-P ) is a bit early; Mike and I left at around 8am and made great time getting there.  I think if everyone meets at around 7:45 or 8, we should be fine.  Lemme' know whatcha' think.

Good times will be had! :-D