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CAOS/ACM Membership

Started by rvedam, 2007-09-30T15:54:26-05:00 (Sunday)

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I was curious as to what the procedure is to gain membership into CAOS/ACM. I'm going to start as a Master's student in Computational and Applied Mathematics at SIUE in Spring of 2008, and I saw that there was an ACM chapter at this school so I thought I'd ask.


P.S. I know given that it is kinda early to ask gvien that fact I'm going to start in January, and its October.


I believe simply registering for this forum makes you a member.
SIUe Computer Science Graduate

Ross Mead

By simply signing up for an account on the forums, you are an official member of CAOS!  Welcome! :-)

However, being a member of CAOS does not necessarily make you a member of the ACM; you are a member of an ACM chapter.  You can register to become a member of the ACM here,... but it costs money...  ;-)

C-ya' in January! :-)